Monday, August 29, 2011

Missy My Male Cat

The picture of this cat is Missy. Unfortunately he was not fixed and went to mate. That is right HIS name is Missy. Let me tell you his story.

We had gone to our Mechanics house, And on the way out I spotted the cutest kitten ever! It looked a lot like my last cat Tigger that had been gone for over a year. As usual I picked up the cute ball of fur knowing full well that I had allergies. But who can resist a cute kitten?
Almost before I picked up the my mom asked if we could have the kitten, for she also missed my cat. They were glad to get rid or "her" being as they had many kittens. They said it was a girl. I know how hard it is to get rid of a kitten. (No offense) I happily held her on the way back home thinking about how much she looked like my last cat.

Of coarse my dad was quite surprised when he saw  the cat in my arms! I already had one cat (Frosty) and knew it would be pretty hard to keep this one. Finally he said "yes"! The word "yes" never sounded so good. We took out the dog carrier from outside, and cleaned it up. I made a bed in there for the cute little kitten, and placed "her" inside. 

My Mom thought I should name it Tigger after my last cat, but Tigger was Tigger's name. It always takes me a long time to name a cat. I wait until the name comes naturally. This was my first "female" cat. The rest of my cats have all been boys except "my" wild cat Scamper. This was my 5'ith cat entitled "mine". Although I have token in many stray cats. Missy was also a little on the wild side.

  She was very curios. It was about a week, I thought Huckleberry would be a good name. But then I decided on Huggins. But then I started calling "her" Missy. Next thing I knew "her'' name was Missy. I continued taming my half wild cat. Missy loved to play and bite your fingers. She also liked to hug me and stick her face in the crook in my arm just like my last cat did.

As Missy got older the biting became annoying.  I decided to take away her toys and see how that worked. Her toys were toys I made out of yarn and bit's of this and that.  At this time I also had my cat Frosty. I was surprised that my lazy white cat was playing.
I still have my white cat. Whenever we went on a walk I brought "her". I tried a leash but....... Cats do not like leashes. But I always held her. Here is a picture of me holding her while we where on a walk. (She is camera shy.)

(Not finished yet) Come back to find out how "he" got the name "Missy".

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Monday, August 22, 2011