Monday, September 19, 2011

Cat Lovers Home Store!

I opened up a online store for all cat lovers!  Here is the link:
I just opened it so there is not very much on there, but I hope you like it!  I would appreciate any comments from you. Also to see all my posts, they are all on the right side.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Turkish Vans

I can not seem to find a very good pic. of one but here is a  pic. of one.I would appreciate any comments from you. Also to see all my posts, they are all on the right side.

What breed is my cat?

Well if you're asking that question your cat is probably not pure-bred so this is not completely accurate; but this is close.

Maine coons, Ragdolls, and Norwegian forest cats look a lot alike so if your cat matches any of these it is probably a mix of one of these :   Fluffy, long haired, have tuffed wispy ears, a ringed tail(some do some do not), a silky velvet coat, a beard like thing on there face, points on the side of there face, have a huge tail, are larger then most cats, have large ears, and extremely soft fur. These pictures up top are examples of Maine coons, Ragdolls, and Norwegian forest cats. These cats are only about three months old, and as you see they are BIG for there age.  Take note of the ringed tail, large body and the tuffed ears. If you like this post you might also like these other posts on my blog:  Leo the Maine coon, Norwegian forest cats(similar to the Maine coon), About Maine coons, a Maine coon in the snow and others. Also Turkish vans, and the American curl look a lot alike. If you like you can send me a pic. of your cat on a comment and I will see if I know what breed it is.

Here is a list of other cat breeds and there pictures You might think you have a Siamese but it could be a  Tonkinese   Or if it is long haired it could be a Balinese, or Birman.

If you think you have a regular short-hair then it could be a:  American short-hair, a Korat or any some other   I would appreciate any comments from you. Also to see all my posts, they are all on the right side..

About Me

This is me with my cat Tigger when I was nine. I will update this post often to tell you how I am doing.

We live out in the country in an orchard. There is a picture of me and my male cat Missy in this orchard on the right side of this page. Currently I have 2 cats, 3 fish, 1 dog and 23 chickens.
Well the dog is our family dog. He is a male we call Foxxy.  This is my brother with him.
My cat I have right now..... Well...... He is not the best cat in the world. He is cuddly.  But he is very fat in lazy. Being as he is white and to lazy to clean himself he is not the funnest to pet.
Now the chickens....  Two of them are my pets.  I like them better then my cat at the moment.  There names are Sitting Duck, and Sitting Bull. They are crippled. They come from a cluck of 15!  I have been trying to heal them... And finally Sitting Duck is walking!  Sitting bull I do not think will get better thou....  They are almost 3 months old.
My fish.....  I have one female betta splenden I got 2 weeks ago named Bethel Clara. Then there is my male Betta Coral Arctic. Then there are my two goldfish Superfish Persimmon, and Tangerine Pacific. I have been trying to mate my Betta's......

My brother has a cat that was the brother of Tigger, But looks like an American short-hair. Then there is our family cat Timothy. To find more about Timothy and Tigger you can look at my posts about them. But it is mostly just pics.

  I would appreciate any comments from you. Also to see all my posts, they are all on the right side.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Norwegian forest cat. (simalar to the Maine coon)

The Norwegian forest cat is a strong, big cat, similar to the Maine Coon breed, with long legs, a bushy tail, and a sturdy body.

They are very good at climbing, since they have strong claws. The lifespan is usually 14 to 16 years. The coat is long, glossy, thick with a water-repellent top layer, and a woolly undercoat. There hair is also thickest at the legs, chest, and head. The head is long, with an shape similar to an equilateral triangle. They have a strong chin, and a muzzle of medium length.

The square or round-shaped head is said to be a defect.

Also the eyes are almond shaped and oblique, and may be of any color.

The ears are large, wide at the base, high set, and have a tufted top.They are placed in the extension of the triangle formed by the head, and end with a tuft of hair like the ears of the lynx.
They can have all colors except chocolate, lilac, the dilutions fawn and cinnamon. Since the cats have very strong claws, they are very good climbers, and can also climb rocks. Please leave a comment.