Thursday, September 8, 2011

About Me

This is me with my cat Tigger when I was nine. I will update this post often to tell you how I am doing.

We live out in the country in an orchard. There is a picture of me and my male cat Missy in this orchard on the right side of this page. Currently I have 2 cats, 3 fish, 1 dog and 23 chickens.
Well the dog is our family dog. He is a male we call Foxxy.  This is my brother with him.
My cat I have right now..... Well...... He is not the best cat in the world. He is cuddly.  But he is very fat in lazy. Being as he is white and to lazy to clean himself he is not the funnest to pet.
Now the chickens....  Two of them are my pets.  I like them better then my cat at the moment.  There names are Sitting Duck, and Sitting Bull. They are crippled. They come from a cluck of 15!  I have been trying to heal them... And finally Sitting Duck is walking!  Sitting bull I do not think will get better thou....  They are almost 3 months old.
My fish.....  I have one female betta splenden I got 2 weeks ago named Bethel Clara. Then there is my male Betta Coral Arctic. Then there are my two goldfish Superfish Persimmon, and Tangerine Pacific. I have been trying to mate my Betta's......

My brother has a cat that was the brother of Tigger, But looks like an American short-hair. Then there is our family cat Timothy. To find more about Timothy and Tigger you can look at my posts about them. But it is mostly just pics.

  I would appreciate any comments from you. Also to see all my posts, they are all on the right side.

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