Sunday, March 18, 2012

Prince of Purple and Sitting Duck

Last may I took several pictures of hummingbirds.  I used to hate photography, but lately I have been enjoying it.  I  took a lot more,  but this is enough for now.  My brothers blue(grey) cat Wolfy likes to sit at the bottom of the 6 foot high pole we have the feeder on.

One time at breakfast, we saw him down there,(there all outside cats, I am allergic :-) but I still love them.)  We did not think he could catch it!  But sure enough he did!  And killed him too!  We only have one male bird around here  (or at least last may), which is the purple throuted hummingbird.  I named him Prince Of Purple.  I am a sort of animal whisper/tamer.  Mainly cats, but my mom also says chickens.  I have a cripled hen named Sitting Duck.  I mostly name chickens Native American names.
 I am %6 Apache and I also have some Cherokee and Choctaw in me too, but I am mainly Italian(  I took after my Irish great grandma)
She (Sitting Duck) is almost a year old now.  I had her since she was hatched.  -part of the cluck of 15 mentioned in the post below this one.  Somtimes I will stick my finger through the pen and she will lay her head on it. I also love reading and writing.  I love living out in the country, and my favorite day of the week is Sunday when we go to church.

I also have another blog called gods girl helping africa.
Please take a look at it and watch the video!  Ever sinse I was eight I wanted to be a teacher/missonary in a place of poverty, probably Africa,  witch is probably why I like the movie Christy so much.  ( not Christy Miller,  I like the movie about the teacher)

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